the 10 best low calorie condiments for dieting

There is no fun in eating plain food on a diet, and no need to either! There are plenty of condiment choices that have little to no calorie content, but a big impact on flavor! These are just a few of my favorites that I suggest my clients always keep on hand.


There are so many good mustards out there, why just choose one?? I like to keep Dijon, yellow, and whole grain on hand to use on sandwiches, wraps, spread on meats, or dip veggies in! Watch out for sweet or honey mustards that will be packed with sugar and added calories. If I want a sweet mustard, I will mix 2 Tbsp yellow mustard with a packet of Stevia for a diet friendlier option.

10 Best Low Calorie Condiments For Dieting

Soy Sauce

Salty and savory and oh so good! A little soy sauce turns your boring chicken and rice into a much more satisfying meal! I also use soy sauce to make salad dressings and as a marinade ingredient for my grilled meats and veggies!

10 best low calorie condiments for dieting


Kimchi is a Korean condiment made from fermented cabbage and spices. It is delicious! Especially if like more complex flavors and a little heat. I love Kimchi mixed with my rice, on my eggs, or in wraps.

10 best low calorie condiments for dieting

Fish Sauce

Fish sauce is an intensely salty and savory liquid. You only need a few drops of it to make a big impact on whatever you are eating.

10 best low calorie condiments for dieting

Hot Sauce

Pick your poison. From Cholula, to Frank’s, to Tabasco, there is a sauce for everyone, and lets just be honest… hot sauce goes on everything.

10 best low calorie condiments for dieting


Chunky and hot, or smooth and mild (or green… we wont judge!) Salsa is a fantastic condiment for any time of the day.

10 best low calorie condiments for dieting


Sriracha is more than a hot sauce. Fermented with garlic paste, a little (or let’s not be shy here… a lot) of this fiery sauce will liven up any dish.

10 best low calorie condiments for dieting


Balsamic, red wine, cider, or any other you choose, vinegar is so good to sprinkle over veggies, salads, and starches to brighten any dish!

the best 10 low calorie condiments for dieting

Liquid Aminos

Liquid aminos add a very savory flavor to anything they’re cooked with. Think soy sauce without all of the salt! I like both Bragg’s liquid aminos and Coconut Secret coconut aminos!

the 10 best low calorie condiments for dieting

Roasted Garlic

Garlic is great on its own to cook with for flavor, but by roasting the bulbs whole, you can create a sweet garlic spread that is great as a spread and dip! To roast garlic bulbs, preheat the oven to 400-degrees and trim about ¼” from the top of the head exposing the cloves inside. Drizzle 1-2 teaspoons of oil over the exposed cloves, wrap the heads in foil, and roast for 40-50 minutes until cloves are caramelized and soft. Delicious!


What is your favorite low-calorie condiment? Comment below, I would love to try something new!