Samantha's Story

When I first asked for help I was extremely nervous because I wasn’t looking to lose weight, I actually wanted to gain, and I thought I was just going to muck it up and that I wouldn’t get any results.

Instead I actually was able to stick to it and had a lot of fun and positive results. I loved that I could eat food I loved and still not feel guilty about it. I’ve picked up so many healthy habits and I feel much better about myself.


After just a few weeks I was able to start noticing physical differences and I don’t think I’ve ever been so happy with how my body looked. My favorite thing is the actual workouts, how amazing I feel after even if I am sore.

I would totally recommend this to everyone, no matter what their goal is. This is the greatest program I have tried and the nutrition is way better than any crash or fad diet out there. If anyone is unsure about how to go about becoming more healthy and fit then they should definitely go to Faceted Nutrition. There isn’t anything or anyone else that can do the same thing.

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