Nicole's Story

I’ve never been trained by a certified trainer before. I’ve always done my “own thing”. I’ve been training with Brittany through her Faceted Nutrition program. The experience has been excellent. She devised both a nutrition and exercise program for me. NEVER IN MY LIFE have I had results like this.

I lost about 12 pounds in three months. Some might not think that’s a lot, but when it is pure fat being lost it makes a HUGE difference. Everyone has asked me if I’ve lost 20-25 lbs. They also ask me if I’m on a diet and stare in awe when I eat a doughnut or drink wine. I hear “you can eat that”? I say of course!

I like the way Brittany has been willing to answer my emails,texts, and posts.She has gently encouraged me not to concentrate on the scale, but how I feel. How do I feel you ask? Energized, healthy and strong. Definitely confident. When I would lose patience thinking I’m making slow progress, Brittany will send me side by side views of my progress and point out how far I’ve come.

Sometimes you need another set of eyes. Brittany’s gentle yet firm guidance and support has been valuable and needed. It’s ultimately up to me to get to where I want to be but when you have someone to encourage you along the way, it’s a godsend.

Sometimes we want easy answers. I know I do. If you are looking for quick answers this isn’t it. If you want to change the way you see food, eat food, and exercise as a completely new way of living this is for you.

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