How To Build A Home Gym With $100

You don’t absolutely need to have a gym membership to get in shape. While a gym certainly has its pros there are several reasons including cost, commute time, and privacy, that may make keeping your workouts at home the better option.

Working out from home doesn’t need to take up a lot of space, in fact what I am going to discuss here could all be tucked under a bed or into a closet very easily.

Home gyms can also be very cost effective- if you shop smartly, you can buy all of the equipment you need for less than the cost of most health club’s start-up fees!

B.M.P Resistance Band Set – $30

17 This is my personal favorite piece of home gym equipment. I love, love, love it because the pouch is so small and lightweight!

I can tuck it into any carry on suitcase and take it with me when I travel- it’s my go-anywhere-gym!

Each cord offers a different level of resistance. You can combine the cords to create the perfect level of resistance for your exercise.

It includes two handles, a door anchor, and an ankle strap. These resistance bands can be used to mimic most any exercise you would do on a machine or with dumbbells.

Medicine Ball (8-10lbs) – $25

18 Medicine balls are great for adding resistance to speed or power movements.

Because the focus of most medicine ball exercises is on the explosive power of the movement, an 8-10lb ball is sufficient weight to create a challenge.

Use medicine balls to do balls slams, choppers, or Russian twists during a circuit to really torch calories.

Exercise Mat – $15

19 The style of mat you get is completely up to you. I have a simple yoga mat, but some that may want a little more cushion should go with an extra thick yoga/exercise mat.

Either way, this piece of equipment will protect you from the hard or rough floor while you do your exercises.

A mat is a necessity for any movement that involves you being on the floor such as glute bridges, lying leg curls, or chest presses.

Stability Ball – $15

20 A stability ball is the most versatile piece of gym equipment and can be used for a variety of exercises.

Challenge your core by sitting or lying on it instead of a chair while doing any upper body exercises.

Work your legs by using it to perform leg curls or to stabilize your hips during kickbacks. And increase the intensity of body weight movements such as pushups by propping your feet up on top of it.

Full Length Mirror – $15

21 Mirrors are important to have in your workout space because they allow you to check your form while you are performing your exercises. 

Are your squats deep enough? Look in the mirror. Are your lateral raises coming all the way up to parallel? Look in the mirror. 

This may be a piece of equipment you already have at home so you are already saving money!

Sturdy Chairs – $0

22 Hopefully you already have sturdy chairs at home. I recommend having these in your gym because sometimes an exercise benefits from you sitting (to prevent you from swinging you body too much).

If you don’t, or you don’t want to use the chairs you have you can find chairs at thrift stores or cheap folding chairs at your department store to use.

Bonus Tips

  • If you’re on a budget, don’t spend too much time looking at cardio equipment. It is bulky, requires maintenance, and will cost you several hundred dollars. Your cardio needs can be met by creating challenging circuits with little rest between exercises, or by taking it outside for a bike ride, jog, or hike.


  • Ask around! Aunt Sally has an old spin bike she’s used twice sitting in her garage, Cousin Joe has a dumbbell set that is collecting dust in his closet, and your old friend from school has a gym bench in his backyard he doesn’t know what to do with. More often than not your friends and family are dying to clear these things out of their houses for little to no cost! I posted once on social media asking for leftover gym equipment and a week later I found myself with a backyard FULL of new toys that were all given to me for free!


  • Don’t forget to check the Internet for used equipment being given away for free or at a very discounted price. For the same reason as listed above, people have this equipment lying around and are ready to part with it. Most of it is nearly new or in very good condition and just waiting for a new home!

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