Erin's Story

I’ve been a client with Faceted Nutrition for about one year. (I’m going to use bullet points here)

· My mind and how I think about food has changed dramatically. I was shocked that when I started my program, I was told to eat MORE. Its science. No gimmicks. And I got results!

· Brittany is so SUPER supportive. She has been through her own journey, and knows all the pitfalls, emotions, and mistakes you make when you’re learning to eat well, and changing the way you think about losing weight. She always comes back with positive support, never criticizes, and comes home with helpful reminders that you are on the right track.

· The meal programs are great! I love them, and they taste GREAT! Brittany even teaches you how to create your own. Learning to make your own meal program is the best, because you can shop your local sales, and eat foods that your family loves! And!! Some of the recipes Brittany has taught me have become family favorites. Want a Pizza and Beer night? You can do it. Brittany effectively

teaches you how to work the celebration cake, the birthday meal, or the girl’s night out into your Macro Meal Plan to keep you on track to meet your goals. AND!!! As an added bonus, I actually saved money even after my membership was paid.

· Customized work out routines!! YES GUYS!! Ok. This was a big one for me because I was injured late last year. I needed rest and required surgery. Brittany was able to 100% work around my bum shoulder, and still gave me fantastic workouts at got my heart pumping and more importantly built muscle.

· Its science. Brittany does extensive research before she recommends anything to you. If she tells you to do something that seems against everything you see and hear its because its backed by actual science. Not some fitness model being paid to market a product.

· Did I mention the food is good? And there is a lot of it? And you can eat your favorite meals?

Really I can’t say enough good things about this program and Brittany herself. I look forward to continuing on my program with Faceted Nutrition and meeting all of my goals!

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