Connie's Story

My main goal when joining Faceted Nutrition was to get my blood sugar under control and lose some weight. I’ve tried many other methods in the past, but nothing that made me feel this good! I thought for sure I was going to have to eat like a bird and spend hours at the gym each night.

When Brittany gave me my macros and workout program,  I had to ask her if she was sure about the carbs because it went against the low carb diabetic diet I had been consuming (that hadn’t been working).

In 12 weeks I lost 15 and a half inches off my body,  dropped a few pounds,  but most importantly dropped my A1c by .7! And that was with missing a good 2-3 weeks of the program.

I love the flexibility of the meal plans and that the workouts don’t take forever to complete so I can still see my family everyday! I would recommend Faceted Nutrition to anyone looking to improve their overall health, gain strength or, like me, get over that plateau.

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