Samantha H.

When I first asked for help I was extremely nervous because I wasn’t looking to lose weight, I actually wanted to gain, and I thought I was just going to muck it up and that I wouldn’t get any results.

...After just a few weeks I was able to start noticing physical differences and I don’t think I’ve ever been so happy with how my body looked.

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Connie R.

My main goal when joining Faceted Nutrition was to get my blood sugar under control and lose some weight. I’ve tried many other methods in the past, but nothing that made me feel this good! I thought for sure I was going to have to eat like a bird and spend hours at the gym each night.

...I love the flexibility of the meal plans and that the workouts don’t take forever to complete so I can still see my family everyday!

... I lost 15 and a half inches off my body,  dropped a few pounds,  but most importantly dropped my A1c by .7!

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Nicole A.

NEVER IN MY LIFE have I had results like this.

I lost about 12 pounds in three months. Some might not think that’s a lot, but when it is pure fat being lost it makes a HUGE difference. Everyone has asked me if I’ve lost 20-25 lbs. They also ask me if I’m on a diet and stare in awe when I eat a doughnut or drink wine. I hear “you can eat that”? I say of course!

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Erin Y.

My mind and how I think about food has changed dramatically. I was shocked that when I started my program, I was told to eat MORE. Its science. No gimmicks. And I got results!

...Brittany is so SUPER supportive. She has been through her own journey, and knows all the pitfalls, emotions, and mistakes you make when you’re learning to eat well, and changing the way you think about losing weight. She always comes back with positive support, never criticizes, and comes home with helpful reminders that you are on the right track.

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