11My name is Brittany and my passion for nutrition and fitness developed through my own personal transformation.

With my mom, who struggled with her own weight, we tried many popular fad diets and weight loss methods including Nutrisystem, Curves, meal replacement shake systems, fat burning supplements, body wraps, and liquid cleanses. I couldn’t manage to stick to any of these programs because I just loved food! When we tried the master cleanse, I literately lasted a total of 3 hours.

Little did I know that attempting these methods was wrecking havoc on my metabolism.

I estimate my weight topped out at 212-215 lbs at 5’6″ tall. My strongest memory of being discontented with my size was after the final band concert of the school year. My grandfather took a picture of me outside the gymnasium in my uniform holding a bouquet of flowers. When he showed me this picture, I couldn’t believe that I looked like that. I’ve never had body-image issues, but the picture I saw was not that of a healthy person. My fingers were so swollen-looking they had no space in between them, and even though I wore a belt, I could not get my pants to stay up because of my tummy. I knew at that time I wanted to change but I did not know how.

The pattern that developed through crash dieting of losing 10 lbs and just as quickly gaining 15 lbs back didn’t make sense to me. I began to research nutrition and weight loss. Any and all articles I could get my hands on were quickly absorbed. I used what I learned to begin my permanent weight loss journey. I never restricted my food sources, I was never hungry. I still ate cheese, pizza, and ice cream. I just learned how to adjust my portions to better balance my activity level.

At the end of my freshman year, I began dancing, and by that summer I was back down to 187 lbs. I danced in a local theater company that summer and kept my conscious eating habits steady which allowed me to enter my sophmore year of high school at 5’9″ and 176 lbs and a size 9/10. I was happy and healthy and stronger. I loved the feeling of being able to change myself and it empowered me and gave me confidence through the rest of my teen years. By graduation I weighed 165 lbs- approximately a 50 lb drop in weight throughout high school.

I still loved food, and went on to culinary school where I trained in classical French cooking and achieved my Associates Degree in Hospitality and Restaurant Management. I went to work for a couple different fine dining restaurants and bakeries before settling into the food product development world. The more I worked with food, the more I learned about how to make my favorite foods healthier for me. I experimented with my favorite recipes and began to run in my spare time and dropped another 30 lbs over the course of two years.

I ran my first marathon in October of 2013, and studied as much about sports nutrition as I could during training to ensure I was providing my body with what it needed to perform. I raced at my lowest weight of 132 lbs. Shortly after the race, I caught a glimpse of myself in a mirror and didn’t love what I saw. I felt  healthy but I appeared frail, my size small yoga shorts were too big and I had very little muscular definition to represent the athlete I had become. I was frustrated with this image because I didn’t want to just appear skinny! I wanted to look as strong as I felt!

I began the process of reverse dieting immediately. I took a break from running to allow my body to heal from some nagging injuries and to prevent burning too many precious calories. I began weight lifting heavily and changing direction of my diet to include more and more food to build muscle. Within nine months I had gained 14 pounds, and was very pleased with the process! I looked healthier, felt stronger, was eating twice as much food as before, AND had lost size in my waist.

I continue to use what I’ve learned to both increase my athleticism as a runner and develop my physique the way I want it. My personal athletic goals are to build up to running an ultramarathon as well as compete competitively in the bikini division of a female bodybuilding competition. These are lofty goals I created for myself for fun, because that is truly how much I enjoy fitness programming.

I will never stop learning and building myself, I spend hours a day reading any articles and books I can get my hands on pertaining to the effects diet has on the human body, its incredible! I started Faceted Nutrition because I want to share my process with you. The object of my approach is not that I just tell you what and when to eat to reach your goals, but teach you why because my hope is that one day, my clients will have learned enough from me in the process that they will not need my guidance any more! It took me 8 years of researching to get where I am today, but the majority of that time was spent studying and researching how to do it. It could have all been done in 1 year!

“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime” -Maimonides

My approach to coaching is to teach you how to change your habits in little steps so that you can be healthy for life! Where will you be a year from now if you start today?