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Meet The Coach

When she overcame her own battle with obesity by losing 100lbs of fat and becoming a competitive multi-sport athlete, Brittany decided to combine her love of food with her love of fitness and dive into the world of sports nutrition. As a certified Specialist in Sports Nutrition and Fitness Trainer, Brittany founded Faceted Nutrition, a web-based coaching service, to inspire and educate others about food and exactly how it has an impact on the body.

She has since then helped hundreds of people all over the world to lose weight, improve their relationships with food, and learn to love themselves during each stage of their transformation journey.

Our Holistic Approach

Flexible Dieting

The Faceted Nutrition eating method is a simple one, eat good food in the proper portions to fuel your body, without restricting the types of foods you eat. You will practice Flexible Dieting; a science based eating method that allows you have a non-restrictive diet and still see massive results!

Effective Training

Train hard. Get results. Designed with the busy person in mind, Faceted Nutrition's training plans are designed to completely change your body composition and help you build your body from the inside out in the least amount of time possible. No magic, no tricks, no gimmicks, we believe just hard work, smart training and a great diet will transform your body.

Balanced Living

Faceted Nutrition understands that there is more to life than focusing on working out and what you eat. Through the coaching experience, teammates achieve their goals while maintaining balance with all other aspects of life by creating an atmosphere that celebrates fitness, family, and friendship.

Community Support

Here at Faceted Nutrition, we believe that the best path to success is by surrounding yourself with those who understand and support your fitness goals. Through the Faceted Nutrition private Facebook pages and scheduled meet ups, we create a network of teammates that provide support, tips, recipes and more!

Let’s Talk About Your Goals!Sign Up For A FREE Compatibility Chat!

Real People - Real Results

Let’s Talk About Your Goals!Sign Up For A FREE Compatibility Chat!

See What Our Amazing Clients Have to Say

I loved that I could eat food I loved and still not feel guilty about it. I’ve picked up so many healthy habits and I feel much better about myself.  After just a few weeks I was able to start noticing physical differences and I don’t think I’ve ever been so happy with how my body looked. My favorite thing is the actual workouts, how amazing I feel after even if I am sore. This is the greatest program I have tried and the nutrition is way better than any crash or fad diet out there.

Samantha H.

NEVER IN MY LIFE have I had results like this. I like the way my coach has been willing to answer my emails, texts, and posts. She has gently encouraged me not to concentrate on the scale, but how I feel. How do I feel you ask? Energized, healthy and strong. Definitely confident. My coach’s gentle yet firm guidance and support has been valuable and needed. It’s ultimately up to me to get to where I want to be but when you have someone to encourage you along the way, it’s a godsend.

Nikki A.

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